computer recycling
The life cycle of electronic devices is shrinking, leading to a growing mountain of e-waste. Computer recycling and the recycling […]
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has revolutionized the way businesses operate. It offers convenience, scalability, and efficiency. No more dragging software from one […]
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Zero-click malware
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threat modelling
As cyber threats continue to increase, businesses must take proactive steps. They need to protect their sensitive data and assets […]
Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning and How It Can Save Your Business At NOVO IT, we know how heavily most businesses rely […]
home network
Many people worry about someone hacking their computer. But they’re not really thinking about their wireless printer getting breached. It’s […]
Cloud account takeover has become a major problem for organizations. Think about how much work your company does that requires […]
Passwords are the most used method of authentication, but they are also one of the weakest. Passwords are often easy […]
You wouldn’t think a child’s toy could lead to a breach of your personal data. But this happens all the […]